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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  February 19, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news on the cw. >> there's barely any ever snow here. >> snow in the bay area's low lying hills. how low will it go in the coming days? >> this cold storm finally winding down, but there's an even colder storm on the horizon. we'll talk about that coming up. san francisco celebrates the year of the rabbit. it's the largest chinese new year's parade outside of asia. san francisco celebrates the year of the rabbit. people making their voices heard against a governor's voices plan that would strip some rights from union workers. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. >> the rain is finally letting up. the storm is moving on tonight but not before leaving a blanket of snow in many parts of the bay area, quite a dusting on mount tam, enough for snowball fights and even
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building snowmen. people are heading to the hills to enjoy the winter weather. >> reporter: on bay area hills and mountains the snow covered ground was perfect for snow angels. >> hey, you got to hit the bottom! >> reporter: and conditions were just right for a fight. >> oh, got you. >> it's been great. i love it. it's been so fun. i've had so many snowball fights and i met a new friend. >> reporter: everyone taking advantage of the rare weather conditions including a few inches on mount tamalpais. >> it's good wet snow for packing and it's also good for snowballs, but making snowmen seemed like the right thing to do today. >> reporter: when he couldn't find the proper hat, he used his own and he wasn't the only one unprepared. where's your jacket, young man? >> oh, i forgot it. >> reporter: but with roads closed all over the mountains the only way up here is to hike it. >> we just walked very long. >> we walked very long and then we went up here. >> yes. >> reporter: but mount tam is
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not the only place with a blanket of white. here's how things looked saturday morning on mount diablo. snow was covering the hills overlooking walnut creek and dusting the hilltop peaks above orinda as well as the hills above pleasanton in the tri- valley and almost a half foot has fallen on mount hamilton so far. mount hamilton road will be closed until monday at the earliest. if you're brave enough, you could always bike it. >> it's a little slippery. you have to be careful, but it's awesome. >> reporter: this is the mountain amphitheater -- yeah, it's slippery. as i was saying, all of the seats are covered with snow, but sitting sees overrated. >> we have -- seems overrated. >> we have made snow angels and had snowball fights and climbed snow mountains. >> reporter: on mount
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tamalpais, ann macovic, cbs5. >> are we going to see any more snow around here? >> the storm is winding down, a far cry from what it used to be as we were headed into the afternoon. had a lot of rainfall around the bay area. now it's much more scattered, taking a closer look, light showers in toward livermore valley. we're still seeing cold enough air across our mountain tops if you do see precipitation, we're talking about the possibility of some snow and some of that wintery mix across some of the higher mountains. an update on mount hamilton. they've seen 15 inches of snow since past thursday, pretty impressive for this time of year. some more lingering off the coast lion, although a lot of this will drop -- coast lion, although a lot of this will drop to the -- coastline, although a lot of this will drop to the south. half moon bay had almost 1 3/4- inch of rain, san francisco oh an inch of rain and almost an inch -- over an inch of rain and almost an inch of rain in woodside. we've got a colder storm on the way, maybe some snow down to
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sea level. we'll talk about it coming up. viewers from if all over the bay area are sharing their snow pictures with us and here are a few. this first one is from jew la in napa valley, best -- julie in napa valley, best friends playing in the snow. how about this one from rusty in lake county? snow in clear lake oaks, the clear lake area north of napa, got several inches of snow in the last few days. this is one is from robert and ruby chambers in the north bay looking out their window this morning at the snow on mount tam, what a beautiful sight. you have any weather-related pictures, we'd like to see them. if you can send them to us on our website, it's at click on the connect with us. it was a beautiful day in the sierras today. the skies cleared. snow stopped for the first time in days. drivers headed to ski resorts were surprised to find an easy commute. interstate 80 was dry and well
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plowed and there was still some snow showers and flurries close to the resorts but for the most part drivers say it was a perfect day to travel. >> our friends that live up here took some pictures and sent them to us and they looked like it was pretty nasty. we waited and we didn't have any problem. >> the snow is expected to return later tonight and continue into tomorrow. drivers are advised to carry chains. well, the thirst is growing for a -- the search is growing for a snowboarder missing on mount shasta. nearly 100 people are looking for 23-year-old alexander gutre -- catro. he called his family around noon to tell them he was going for one more run but never returned home. 2 feet of snow has fallen in the area since thursday. a man from redwood city and his girl friend have been shot to death sitting in a parked car. the shooting happened just before 1:00 this morning on hills street in east oakland. police say more than one gunman
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opened fire on the car without warning. the couple was in the area to attend a party but they never made it to the house where the party was held. right now there are no suspects and no motive for the shooting. their deaths are the 8 he tonight and 19th homicides of the -- 18th and 19th homicides of the year in oakland. at this time last year there were eight. san francisco could lose as many as 500 veteran police officers if supervisors discontinue a special pension plan. that plan was a proved by voters to keep veteran officers on -- approved by voter to keep veteran officers on the force. it's a deferred retirement option program. it allows officers who are over 50 or have worked 25 years to work three more years and earn a pension which is placed in a savings account. after three years they retire they get a chunk of that pension money. in april supervisors could decide to drop the program for budget reasons, but without that incentive the older officers might retire.
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tonight pro union demonstrators remain inside the wisconsin statehouse after another day of protests. 70,000 protesters turned out to voice their opposition to the republican effort to scrap union rights for most workers. we'll hear this time supporters of the plan were there, too. >> kill the bill! >> reporter: by nightfall only a few demonstrators were outside wisconsin's capitol arguing over the controversial budget bill, but inside the statehouse was still packed with protesters who say they won't leave until there's a compromise. earlier tens of thousands of pro union demonstrators clashed with outnumbered tea party suspecters. >> got on the wrong side. >> no. i'm on the right side of. >> reporter: the legislative bill they're angry about would end collective bargaining for many of the state's unions, a direct assault on workers say demonstrators like firefighter scott hermanson. >> how can you not understand what's going on? we need to keep our rights. >> reporter: but the republican
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majority led by governor scott walker says the proposed bill is the only way to combat the state's projected $3.6 billion deficit. his supporters say balancing the budget is what he was elected to do. >> we need to remove the power from the unions and put it back in the hands of the taxpayers. >> reporter: even though protesters vow not to give up republicans state senators say they will pass the bill without compromise and in the meantime democratic legislators are boycotting the process. the 14 democratic senators have literally left the state to stall the vote and are threatening to stay away for weeks, but republican leaders say they still won't budge. >> the bill is not negotiable. >> reporter: the whole country is watching what's happening here including president obama who views the bill as an attack on organized labor and whose arm of the democratic national committee is helping to mobilize the demonstrators. manuel gallegos, cbs news, madison, wisconsin. sparked by egypt's
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successful effort to overthrow its government protests continue all over the middle east from lybia to bahrain. we'll see the unrest is far from over. >> reporter: protesters in bahrain's capital celebrated well into the night saturday. they retook the city's main square after the withdrawal of military tanks and riot police. the tiny monarchy appeared to back away from further confrontation following pressure from the west. its government tweeted saturday that a process of dialogue had begun between the crowned prince and opposition groups. earlier in the week bloody crackdowns against anti- government demonstrators killed at least five people. protesters in bahrain and various middle eastern countries seek to emulate recent uprisings in egypt and tunisia hoping to bring about political change, but many face violent clashes. in algeria thousands of demonstrators defied riot police. in yemen's capital security forces opened fire on protesters.
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in lybia where the internet and information is tightly controlled activists posted this video of demonstrations from earlier this week. the government has reportedly killed dozens of protesters. outside the white house protesters describe reports from their relatives in lybia. >> he's telling me that we have a lot of wounded injured people. they have no medical supplies. >> reporter: moammar gadhafi has ruled lybia with an iron fist for 42 years. analysts say it's unlikely the regime will change any time soon. cbs news. they all help usher in the year abbit. highlights well, drums, dancers, colorful costumes and floats. parade. they all help usher in the year of the rabbit. highlights from tonight's chinese new year parade. it was a national symbol
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for the holidays for the carter administration, but today something happened. this national christmas tree is gone forever. a gift for some bay area sports fans that could one day help save lives. ♪ [ male announcer ] not all steel is created equal. not all manufacturing processes are created equal. not all engineering standards are created equal. which is why not all luxury vehicles are created equal.
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the hard way means never taking short cuts. the hard way is how lexus inspires absolute confidence. this is the pursuit of perfection. see what it takes at world... and it's been a san francisco tradition it has been named one of the top 10 parades in the world and it's been a san francisco tradition for almost 150 years. so little rain wasn't going -- a little rain want going to stop the chinese new year's parade, don knapp with the welcome celebration for the year of the rabbit. >> reporter: just about everything and everyone in this chinese new year's parade was dressed in plastic rain gear or
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carrying umbrellas as the parade was getting underway. poppy peach and katrina king brought their kids from davis and came early. so what's the plan tonight? >> we don't know. we're going to try and stay warm. >> reporter: but you've got an hour or so to go before the parade. >> we better find someplace to keep dry, then. >> reporter: the new year of the hare must be a lucky one. once the parade started the rain stopped. >> it wasn't raining during the parade, so we thought we'd take a chance and we're making the best of it and we're glad we're here. >> reporter: it's a special year for the parade. for the first time in the parade's long history san francisco's chinese american mayor ed lee was up front. behind him 5,000 people walked, marched, danced or rode in the parade. including just about every politician and officer in san francisco government. the two hours plus parade wound up in chinatown at kerney and
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columbus with traditional finale. [ fireworks ] ♪[ music ] >> reporter: in san francisco don knapp, cbs5. it didn't rain on their parade, but it was a different story earlier today. this is alameda this afternoon. the rain has been settling in the bay area nearly two days. there are some impressive rain totals, but the rain is tapering off now. here's meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> yeah. it's been an exciting couple days. these storms really winding up along the coastline moving onshore and all that cold air, neat to see the snow on the local mountain peaks. we can break up the clouds a little bit tomorrow, you'll see a whole lot of snow up there. the storm system giving way to drier weather outside. right now live look, still
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plenty of clouds but just a couple breaks out there as well. really the storm system weakening quite a bit and so as it does, we'll see the rain come to an end and we probably could use the break. everything is very saturated. you can still see scattered light showers in toward livermore valley and the high country and that's where it's turning to a wintery mix of snow and sleet. that will also come to an end overnight as well. with that in mind the storm system pretty impressive, though, as it whipped through. you can see the area of circulation, the area of low pressure helping bring the moisture up to our skies and keep things very wet all day and really pumping in the rainfall. the totals pretty impressive. officially 1.5 inches in san francisco, oh an inch in is an raff -- over an inch in san rafael, oakland and mountain view. you get the idea. this comes on top of several other storms that made their way through the bay area this week. how about this? almost 26 inches of rain now in
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san rafael, 112% of normal, 113% of normal in oakland and 109% of normal in san francisco, but on the backside of this storm we've got that cold air starting to move in and it's going to be very chilly. i'll think we'll see frost in some of the valleys tomorrow morning. watch out for some black ice early on tomorrow morning. it's going to be very slick, especially any mountainous areas and overpasses. you get underneath those and get that frozen ice and it can be dangerous. patchy fog likely to develop on some of the interior valleys as well. one thing changes and then we've got something else to worry about. temperatures in the 50s in the central valley valley. the high country, the storm system headed in that direction, so expecting snow showers into the tahoe area. come monday and tuesday there's a chance, but doesn't look like a real big deal. if you needed to sneak up there, hold off a little bit longer. here you go, storm system moving through, a lot of cold air right out of the arctic down and back toward the bay area. that will start to transition
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to more of a high pressure ridge. so that means we'll see pretty good weather coming up at least a day or so, maybe a little longer. showers ending in the next couple hours and it looks like the big problem tomorrow morning will be cold temperatures. it will be chilly in spots probably down to the freezing mark, in santa rosa 33, napa 33, fairfield 33 degrees and livermore. you'll see the patchy frost early on tomorrow morning in the bay area. be very careful, slick on the roadways. by afternoon highs should run up into the 40s and 50s. so a little bit warmer, a little more sunshine around the bay area, but these temperatures still running well below the average for this time of year and speaking of which we've got another cold storm headed in our direction. now it will be interesting. there's one more that comes by come monday and tuesday. i think this one stays far enough off the coastline that we'll probably stay nice and dry, just some partly cloudy skies. now by wednesday we'll continue to see a few more clouds, but the air will really transition
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heading toward thursday. that's when a very cold storm dives into the bay area. we'll start to pick up some showers thursday, but the cold air really plows its way in come friday and saturday and yes, folks, there's a chance we could see snow down to sea level if all holds true. of course, that is way out in the forecast period, but if we get these cold temperatures and some precipitation, we could see the snow lower than it was today. we saw some places where it got down to 1,500 feet. >> what a roller coaster. warmer than average temperatures a couple weeks ago and now you're talking about maybe snow at diablo. >> yeah. everything has shifted a bit and we're in the cold pattern. looks like we're staying here a while. well, it was a sad day in the nation's capital. extreme weather has toppled the national christmas tree. here's how it looked in december when president obama flipped the switch. that's the 42-foot blue spruce and there it is. that's how it looked this morning after being knocked over by strong winds. the tree was planted in 1978
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and was 47 years old. national park service workers mulched it this afternoon and have already picked out its replacement. and the oscar goes to? well, we'll be hearing that next sunday. this year something new for the academy awards, a new look, new feel and new companion to the statuette winners get to keep. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and running. the first train left at 6 this morning. the 106-million dollar station is expected the new dublin pleasanton b.a.r.t. station is up and running. the first train left at 6:00 this morning. the $160 million station is expected to make public transit more accessible to the tri- valley area and it's hoped to ease traffic along the 586/80 corridor. >> if you've ever been on that freeway in the morning, it is an absolute gridlock. so what we're going to do and what we anticipate the ridership to be is to be about 4,300 people per day we'll be taking off the road and helping
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reduce the carbon footprint and lower congestion on the freeway. >> there will be 1,200 new parking spots for the train system. most postal rates going up in april but not the price of a first class stamp. that will stay at 44 cents for the first ounce. each additional ounce will soon cost 20 cents. postcards rise by a peppy and letters to canada or mexico will increase to 80 cents. prices for express mail and priority mail will not change. the rate increases follow the formula that permits rate hikes within the rate of inflation. they take effect april 17th. drive at the shark tank today. the annual event is the largest mobile blood d san jose starks hosted a blood drive at the shark tank today. it's the largest mobile blood drive for the center. any fan who dough it natured bloods were al -- donated blood were allowed to watch practice for tonight's game. the greater reward was knowing the difference their blood donation could make to those who need it and one former
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recipient is living proof. >> you are going to save people like me, children like me. that could be their own kid needing a blood transfusion, their own selfful really if it's a fear of giving blood -- self 'really if it's a fear of giving blood, it's a simple process. >> there this year registered potential donors for the organ and bone marrow industry. for years the name of the best actor for best motion picture for the academy awards has been placed inside a plain white envelope, but this year the oscars are pumping up the drama. the new envelopes are handcrafted from a high gloss metallic gold paper and inside on the redlining the doss car statue is hand -- oscar statue is hand staffed in satin gold leaf. >> the -- stamped in satin gold leaf. >> the power of that moment of anticipation of announcing the winner this now has the iconic value that matches the statue.
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so it gives the statuette its own companion piece as well. >> the 83rd academy awards will be presented next sunday at the kodak theatre in hollywood. we'll find out how u.s. mary and it was all about the dunk contest at the nba all- star weekend. the hometown guy had everyone spinning. sports fans stick around. we're coming right back. ♪
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the 51 year old lost his lead at fred couples can still hold his own with the young guys. the 51-year-old lost his lead at the northern trust but is only one stroke back. aaron badly has that lead.
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patty mills looking on. the gaels led utah state by nine at the half but lose 75- 65. rex walters and the dons also struggled in the final 20 minutes. gonzaga held them to 21 points in the 2nd half and took the game 70-53 to move into a tie for second place. all-star saturday night steph curry won the skills challenge. james jones took the three- point shootout and guess who took the dunk contest. blake griffin jumps over a car for the final dunk, yeah, a car. sharks and avs and devin setoguchi scored twice in the 1st and then scores a career hat trick right there and the sharks beat the avs 4-0. nationwide series at daytona. tony stewart takes the checkered flag for the fourth year in a row but not by much. he beats clint bowyer in a photo finish. it does not get closer than that. >> all right.
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we get spring training. see you there at 11:00 on cbs5. good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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